DEFT Pascal

DEFT Pascal was one of the few high level languages available for the CoCo if you weren't using OS-9. Since I had learned Pascal on my Apple computer, I was happy to see a good Pascal compiler on the CoCo.

 When I did the changes to DEFT Pascal for TCE the main goal was to allow it to run reliably on the CoCo 3 and the newer disk controllers. Even so, I did some small changes. One was the TCESHELL. Each package (Assembler, etc..) were setup to automatically execute a program called TCESHELL from the 1st disk drive. The screen for this is shown on the right. Not much, but it made the system easier to use.  
   The other changes to the programs were things I had always wished for. The editor got a pick screen when loading a file. Sure beat trying to remember the right name. The editor also warned you before exiting. The default for debugging was changed from Yes to No, since that's what I wanted most of the time. Misc other small changes were made, including setting up automatic lower case enable and double speed enable on CoCo-3's.

Disk Images

DEFT Pascal


Thanks to the efforts of Bob Devries I've got a complete set of manuals here for DEFT Pascal, scanned to .pdf form for your viewing pleasure. The manuals are:


Familiarization Exercise

Editor Manual

Compiler Manual

Assembler Manual

Linker Manual

Debugger Manual

Library Manual

Pascal - Section 1

Pascal - Section 2

Pascal - Section 3

Pascal - Section 4

Assembly Language Manual - Section 1

Assembly Language Manual - Section 2

Advanced Pascal Extensions - Section 1

Advanced Pascal Extensions - Section 2


DEFT Extra - Section 1

DEFT Extra - Section 2

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